Saturday, February 23, 2013

Letter of Commendation - High School Graduate

Dear Shawn,
I'm writing to congratulate you and pray God's continuous blessings in your life. It seems like yesterday when you were in pampers; now you're graduating from high school with honors!
Praise God, you've made the first step. Now I'm anticipating your climb to the top. Guess what? You can do it! (You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you,” Philippians 4:13). God has a plan for your life and He delights in leading to the top. So make sure each step is ordered by Him. Your parents are very proud of you. They have anticipated this occasion for quite a while.
You stood the test of peer pressure and overcame successfully. I'm confident in the faithfulness of God that you will stand any other pressure that you might encounter. Your life is just beginning and you have the potential to succeed in any area you choose. Your parents have provided the spiritual guidance to prepare you for your own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Remember knowledge is power but having wisdom is the guarantee for success. It is a precious gift from God—yours just by asking.
Therefore, in all you're getting, get understanding. Proverbs 3:5,6: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths."
Again, congratulations! I commend you for your achievement.  
With deepest joy,
From my heart

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sample Letter of Commendation: Grad School

Dear Heart ,

Congratulations and best wishes! Praise God for your successful completion of graduate school. I'm very proud of you! Your persistence, determination and discipline have made the difference.

I pray you realize how blessed you are. Remember James 1: 17, "Every good gift and, every perfect gift are from above, and comes down from the Father of lights..."

Therefore, the gift should be used to bring glory to God and dispel darkness.  Although you are a very young woman and I'm considerably older, you’ve inspired me to pursue my dreams in higher education. I'm glad to be a part of your life. So often I reflect on the night when you were hurting and I was there to comfort you by allowing you to lay your head on my shoulder and sob. From that time you've had a special place in my heart. You might call it a bonding experience.

I encourage you to continue to live your dream. Remember to God be the glory for your accomplishment in academic excellence.  You are indeed blessed to have reached this goal. I admire you as a young woman for choosing to set high standards for yourself.  I commend you for reaching your goal.


From my heart,

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Sample Letter of Comfort: Baby's Death

Dear Heart,

Since I heard the news I have continued to pray for you.

Hopefully, this letter will comfort you during this time. Tragedies in life seem unbearable, but the God of all comfort is in arm's reach through so many who care about you and are willing to help you through this crisis. With His help we will walk with you through this grieving process. 

My greatest concern at this time is the proper channeling of your grief.  I pray that you don't become bitter and blame God for the death of your baby. In my many years of experiencing God, I can promise He will not lay burdens upon His children that will overload them to point of no return. He is the giver of life and has given your baby girl life everlasting. No, we don't always understand why things such as this happen, but I promise you if you reach out to Jesus in honest expression of your feelings, He will help you through this painful experience.

I have enclosed a magazine article that I hope will assist in your healing process.  Know that I'm here for you during this time.  We are praying for you.

In sympathy,

From my heart,

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Death of a child

These notes and letters should be short; and written to console parents who suffer the devastating and tragic death of a child. 

The pain felt by the death of a child seems so unbearable that it’s easier to deny it until the moment when reality takes the numbness away.  Since every individual copes with death and grief differently, there should be no speculation or timeframe on the length of the grieving process for persons involved.

Respect their time to heal.  Offer words of comfort only.  If you are not a professional grief counselor, do not offer advice based on your own experiences or personal opinions about the grief process. Be very prayerful about what to say; you may not need to say anything.

Also, letters should not be written immediately after the death.  Give the parents time to memorialize the child.


Disclaimer:  These are only letters to comfort, and are not in any way meant to offer advice or counsel as a licensed professional.

Sample letter:

Dear Heart,

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve the death of your baby. Only those who have experienced such a loss can truly understand to some extent what you are suffering. The feeling of emptiness is unexplainable. No, we do not always understand why we go through many tragedies in life. Nevertheless, I pray you will get through this, and that somehow God will work out every detail into something good, although I’m certain it doesn’t appear that way now.  It is in times like this that we find comfort and hope in the Word of God.

I simply want to extend words of comfort and inspiration during this painful chapter in your life.  I’m praying that the Lord will strengthen you; that He will uphold you with the right hand of His righteousness; and that in His timing He will give restoration, fill your emptiness, and take the pain away. It is my prayer that the God of all comfort will send ministering angels to your side. 

I hope you received the floral and card sent to from the Benevolence unit. Take care of yourself. Rest assured that during this loss my prayers are with you continuously. I want you to know that you can call me at anytime, any hour. I am available to lend a listening ear or a soft shoulder. I hope to see you soon.
From my heart,


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hope and Vision

This book is the reality of a vision over thirty years ago born out of a passion for speaking into the lives of others using the power of the written word as well as the spoken word.  I believe that at whatever interval one might be in life, a well-timed word can make the difference.  It can bring healing and hope; if the words are negative and hurtful, they can cause psychological damage that persons may never get over.  They can enlighten and cause excitement.  They can inspire, motivate, or bring consolation or confirmation.  Whatever the need, an inspired word in season can penetrate the soul.
However, the question we each must answer is, what impact do I want my words to have on others, e.g., family, friends, coworkers, fellow parishioners, and anyone I encounter?
Is it naive of me to envision a time when expressions of love and appreciation dominate our spheres influence? 
I think not?  If I exchange my hope and vision for a cynical attitude I would forfeit my God-given right to inspire the soul and encourage the heart of all who need a well-timed words of comfort, appreciation, love, commendation, recommendation, and encouragement.